PS5 vs. PS4 Pro

After Sony confirmed the release of the “fifth” set-top box, the Internet was filled with thousands of insiders about the upcoming Playstation 5. But what will it really be? This material contains everything that is known about the new console from Sony as of early 2020, including ps5 pro.

Development History of PS5 and PS4 Pro

Game consoles today are in almost every home. And if not – then they definitely dream about it! They are played by both adults and children. Manufacturers of consoles release new developments every month, improving the old ones. It is simply impossible to give up the pleasure of spending an hour or two alone with your favorite game. Especially since modern models are characterized by very high-quality graphics, which are sometimes just amazing.

Slim, cute, and most importantly – a productive console can be a great gift for the gamer. Launched in 2016 (like the Pro), it does not differ from the classic version of 2013 in terms of characteristics, but its body is noticeably thinner and lighter. A more productive, but also more expensive set-top box will allow you to play any modern game and enjoy the gameplay to the fullest by connecting a high-definition TV.

Then the game community understands that you should expect something extraordinary. Over these almost 1.5 years, dozens or even hundreds of “reviews” on the possible characteristics of the console have hit the Internet. But the first leaks of information that can be trusted began to appear in late 2019. Then the management of the corporation and the developers began to actively heat up interest in the future console.

The early PlayStation model features:

  • chic, stylish case design;
  • support for CD / DVD-ROM, as well as memory cards, which allow you to read information from any media;
  • the ability to play in multiplayer mode.

It made a lot of noise, and to this day easily wins the favor of gamers. Differs convenient and clear interface, the presence of a large number of additional devices: wireless gamepad, removable disk.

Differences Between PS4 Pro and PS5

Once the parameters are sorted out, it’s time to move on to a specific comparison of the parameters of both models of the cult game console. This will help you decide which is better. Differences of the fourth Playstations Slim and About:

  1. The top version has a higher clock speed, so this option is potentially more productive.
  2. Owners of a “skinny” set-top box have the opportunity to choose the amount of storage among two options: half a terabyte and a terabyte. But the owners of the Pro console will not be able to save by taking a device with a smaller hard drive: models are available only with 1 TB storage (except, of course, a special PS4 Pro 500 Million Edition, a video review of which awaits you at the end of the article).
  3. The Slim version is more compact and lighter: 2.1 kg vs. 3.3 kg, but the Pro has more powerful cooling.
  4. There is a difference in both the number and versions of USB ports. Thus, the older model has three 3.1 connectors, and the thin model has two 3.0 ports.

Now it is necessary to consider in more detail how the two popular consoles differ in terms of gameplay. Taken into account:

  • graphics features;
  • stability in games;
  • the ability to connect virtual reality devices.